Can my wife get permission to work while remaining on the F-3 visa

Can my wife get permission to work while remaining on the F-3 visa


Hello, I am a foreigner working on a E-7 visa in Korea. My wife is currently on an F-3 (dependent spouse) visa.

My wife is interested in doing some limited-time (maybe 6 months?) contracting work (software engineering) for a company in Korea. My understanding (I also called Immigration at 1345 to discuss) is that she can get permission to work while remaining on the F-3 visa. So I would still be sponsoring her as the spouse with the E-7 visa, but she would do contracting work without being full-time employed for a period of time.

I would like consultation on the exact process for how to do this and what paperwork we would need to prepare.

The target company would be working as an independent contractor through https://www                      /, working on a project with Facebook Korea. She still needs to complete the interview process first.

We are foreigners and cannot speak Korean very well, so English is preferred.

Thank you,


Dear Mr.Eric,   

Thank you for your inquiry.  

This is David Lee who is person in charge of E7 Visa. 

In case that your wife want to work for software engineering field as part time job, 

she have to get permission from immigration office to engage in activities not covered by the status of sojourn.  

She need to follow processes and prepare all documents based on qualifications of E7 Visa like you. 

Please let me know if you want to have detailed consultation that will be charged for consulting fee.  

I will guide you the exact processes and necessary documents. 

Best Regards 

David Lee 

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